Let's Get a bit Serious Here

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Let's Get a bit Serious Here

Post by Tedlark »

All right, all right, enough with the political talk. Let's get a discussion going which could cause a real divide amongst us.

What are your two favorite Thanksgiving turkey side dishes, and, are you a white meat or a dark meat person?

Me? Stuffing with a dribble of gravy and good mashed potatoes. With some gravy of course. I'm a leg guy so dark meat for me.

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Post by billryan »

White meat, with stuffing and jellied cranberry. With room for apple pie.

Sea Lion
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Post by Sea Lion »

Pie. Sea Lions like pie and lots of it and with ice cream on top. Almost any pie will do with the exception of a very few. Mince pie is just plain ol' nasty and should never be made for anyone. If there is any room left then the turkey n stuff. Might even crank up some good ol' Humble Pie too!


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Post by case »

I don't eat many carbs even at Thanksgiving. So no potatoes or gravy. Just give me some white meat with a side of broccoli with melted cheese and green beans with butter.

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Post by lovetocook »

Love dark Turkey meat, so sweat!

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Post by Come Back Kid »

Good topic Ted. :)
I love stuffing with gravy, white meat with gravy, and my Sister's "better than sex cake" (no gravy) LOL

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Post by doris13 »

white meat with gravy,mashed potatoes and stuffing

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Post by Eduardo »

On Turkey day for me it's white meat, stuffing, mashed potatoes... all with gravy!

I save the cranberry for leftovers. Turkey sandwich with mayo, cranberry and stuffing.

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Post by jetermacaw »

This side is a family tradition of baked artichoke hearts.

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Post by billryan »

Potato chips and onion dip, stuffing with gravy and apple pie. I could so go the vegetarian route on Thanksgiving.

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