Was I in the wrong for not apologizing? (casino story)

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Was I in the wrong for not apologizing? (casino story)

Post by applepear86 »

I was at the casino the other night, and I won something nice and had a voucher I wanted large bills for at the cage. Well, this guy was daydreaming in line, and the lady called to him 4 or 5 times. I was kind of in a daze myself not thinking, and obviously I was in the wrong for this but I walked past him. But the kid starts yelling at me saying all sorts of stuff cussing at me and saying how I think I can be entitled to cut in front of him. If he said "Excuse me I was next" or even bluntly "You cut in front of me, I WAS next wtf" I'd probably apologize. But he was so rude and disrespectful and acted like I murdered a baby, I just looked at him like he was nuts. The cage lady waved him up and that p*ssed me off after that primate rant of his, I think security should have been called to remove him. That's how bad it was. I was kind of shaken up over it. I thought it was possible this guy was gonna try to start a physical confrontation or worse. I went to the high limit cage instead. People have cut in front of me before and I never say anything. Maybe I'm just a little too stoic for my own good but petty stuff like that never makes me cause a public argument. It's just not worth my energy to argue with someone who could be nuts and have a gun over something stupid. It looked like he took out a marker so I took comfort in the fact that he might be into the casino deep and is getting a beat down regardless. With that attitude he gave me, the spiteful side of me hopes he will eventually lose everything he owns. 8-)

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Post by Eduardo »

Sounds like you did goof up, and he also reacted poorly. Apologizing would have probably been a good idea but in the end a **** is going to be a ****. Put it behind you, do some yoga, and move forward in peace and love. Maybe skip the yoga.

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Post by FAA »

Much ado about nothing. I have some bad stories of my own.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Just one of those insane things that can happen at a casino. I wouldn’t worry about it. The world is full of a.. h…. Unfortunately, lately more and more on the road. I have had to hold back decking some of the casino ones over the years. Mainly because right or wrong, where I play, everyone gets banned. The closest I ever came to the decking was in the old days when I played craps. As I started to pick up the dice, I saw a hand reach into my tray and steal a green chip. I only kept a couple up there too. Rest were red and white. I turned around with all intents to nail this b……d, but I guess security had been watching him and whisked him away before I had the chance. My green chip had rolled away, probably picked up by someone else. The knuckle dragger security never said anything to me which I thought was odd. Anyway, ancient history now. If I remember, a pit boss gave me a nominal dinner comp. This was over 30 years ago.

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Post by Msbell23 »

Every time i go to a casino with my mom and aunt, something funny is bound to happen. My mom likes to create her own entertainment when we go because she isnt much of a gambler. This one time my mom decided to wander off and found that there was a parade of some sort going on and jumped on in it like she was supposed to be a part of it. Another trip, she walked up to some random lady and was staring at her. Then asked her"did that hurt?" While rubbing her lips together. The lady asked her "what?" My mom, realizing that the lady just had on some really sparkly lip gloss, said "oh! My bad! Nevermind!" Then just walked off. Talk about the look on that ladies face.... Priceless!

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