Lucky 8s Wheel Poker - Creative and Attractive

Why do you play video poker? What is your favorite game and why?
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Lucky 8s Wheel Poker - Creative and Attractive

Post by jconifer7 »

I'm remembering so well how much I enjoyed playing Lucky 8s Wheel Poker when it was a weekly contest game. I never thought I would see the day I would hold a single 8 in a all-numbers nothing hand knowing I could get 2888 credits for four of them. It doesn't change strategies much at all since I would still prioritize a pair of aces in a bonus game, but as much as I like multiplier games like Ultimate X I do think wheel games are fun too and I loved the Chinese dragon theme. Don't get me wrong but it's the right kind of creativity needed in video poker, Barnyard Poker for what it's worth is not attractive.

I think more people would play video poker if they saw more creativity like Lucky 8s and to be honest it's given me ideas for game proposals that I actually would love to see turn into actual machines. I'm not sharing my ideas on this forum since I don't want to claim anything or ruin something IGT may have in development, but I want to hear some thoughts about you would like to see more of in the creative process.

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Post by headlyone »

Agreed. It is very fun but new VP games are hard to find in the casinos. Strategy is not changed that much from conventional play so you don't need to learn a whole new playing strategy.

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Post by pichon_grande »

Is this game still in casinos? It doesn’t show up when you search for it. I saw one Machine in Reno a couple years ago but it’s gone now

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