How do I get a lucky royal flush on first deal?

Why do you play video poker? What is your favorite game and why?
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How do I get a lucky royal flush on first deal?

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I have never gotten delt a royal flush.. how do I get one?

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Keep trying.

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I have a pair of lucky underwear that has never worked for me, but it might work better for you if you want to try.

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Push "Deal". Repeat as necessary.

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After years of gambling I got really tired of waiting for one as well because they are so rare so I headed on down to Woolworths and bought one

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order one at the bar , I think there is such a drink !

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Post by MrRobert »

First Royal Flush ever hit was Dealt to on a 10 coin 50 cent machine at the Tropicana in Atlantic City and it paid 5000 dollars, imagine that. The lady next to me whom I don't know had hit for the second time that day 4 of a kind with a Joker playing AC Jokers , I said wow. , can I rub your shoulder for good luck and she said Yes ,, within 10 minutes the Royal was dealt to me . Moral of the story find someone lucky that day and ask to rub there shoulder. Good luck always

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Post by FloridaPhil »

I have been playing video poker for nearly 20 years. I have played many more hands than most players. So far, I have had five dealt royals in my lifetime. The funniest dealt royal I have seen was sitting at the Beau Rivage bar in Biloxi. They used to have a quarter Jacks or Better progressive that would get fairly high at times. My wife was sitting next to me as we were both playing at the bar. On the other side of her, a man was playing the progressive. The man complained to my wife that his machine wasn't working and he didn't know why. He obviously didn't know anything about video poker. She looked over and he had been dealt the progressive and it was a hand pay. "That figures!", she said disgustingly.

It takes absolutely no skill to be dealt a royal or any other hand for that matter. Play enough hands and it may happen to you too.

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Post by Nono3630 »

H4KD4N wrote:
Thu Mar 12, 2020 2:25 am
I have never gotten delt a royal flush.. how do I get one?
I never have that luck either

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with lots of luck

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