4 Royals in a week!!!

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Re: 4 Royals in a week!!!

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Posted this crazy one awhile back.
In 2016 i hit two Royals on two consecutive hands. After payoff on the first one the girl cleared the machine and i hit deal to clear it off like they always want. Looked back same suit Royal still there,must have missed the deal so i hit it again. Only then did i see the "call attendant" block. I looked at the girl and she said "holy ****"!
I still could not believe it so i just sit there in shock. Can't be true. Somehow it just did not clear.
Malfunction? I had the $8K in my pocket and felt like running for the door but i knew that was not a good idea. The girl is on her radio calling someone and i had no idea what was up.
When she got off the radio she said "i can't believe it but i SAW it the same hand went off and came back on!" Then i thought to look at my W2G for the first hand. I write the hand on the back of it while waiting for a payoff,AQK10J. The machine showed K10AQJ. Same suit different hand !
To shorten this up a supervisor came over, called for a tech., opened up the machine, and there it was!

When I posted this before i thought many people are going to sense a heavy bullsh!t odor here.
I thought maybe i can get someone to make a small wager, i have the W2G's as proof.
So i dig them out of the archives only to discover that they are time stamped about an hour apart.
The inquisition took time and i had no idea because i was still in shock.

I have no pics. (don"t carry a phone) which would prove nothing anyway, so it is squarely in the believe it or don't column. :|

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From your description, I assume the second one was dealt?

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onemoretry wrote:
Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:20 pm
From your description, I assume the second one was dealt?
Yes that would be correct.
I have had one other dealt Royal, and one on a 5-card draw, but nothing like this.
I have no idea what the odds of this back-to-back happening but a dealt Royal is about 649,500 to 1.

BTW i thought of a way to prove it really happened. The payoff girl Is a regular and i see her all the time. She has mentioned it more than once and would testify.
Back to a wager possibility. A Bells Two Hearted Ale (the best beer in America 3 years in a row) sounds about right.

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Consecutive hands? Same suit? Truly awesome.

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