Time for VideoPoker.com to advertise their apps on TV

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Time for VideoPoker.com to advertise their apps on TV

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I see the commercials for smartphone slot apps and I have to laugh. They promise 12- and 15-digit payouts within as little as 15 minutes of play. Those aren't realistic. They're slot games for kids.

We all know that's not what it's really like, whether it's slots, video poker or video keno. VideoPoker.com should market their apps as gaming apps for grown-ups. Show an airport departure area with a gate agent announcing a one-hour delay. The passengers, all adults, take out their smartphones and they all turn into children bragging about how much and how quickly they're winning jackpot after jackpot on their slot apps. One couple, a man and a woman shake their heads and start playing their VideoPoker.com Mobile and Spin Poker apps. They stay their real age. Voice-over: "When you're ready to grow up, we're ready with gaming apps for grown-ups. VideoPoker.com Mobile and Spin Poker. Download them from the App Store and Google Play. Real video poker from the people who invented video poker."

It might seem like apples to oranges but many of the slot apps have the audacity to claim they're "REAL Vegas Slots!"

So, what do you think?

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