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video poker test

Post by fluffygrrrl »

I played the video poker test on this site and got this wrong, it doesn't seem right to me. I played ddb
k club
2 spade
3 club
9 diamond
10 club

i put 10 & King of clubs
they said 10, 3, K clubs is the right move? I have never seen 3 to a flush chosen before 2 to royal. Have I been playing wrong all along?

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Post by Quad Deuces »

I don't play DDB but KT3 suited is the correct play, second is K alone, followed by KT.  With a 9 penalty and a flush penalty it's no surprise that KT wouldn't be held.  What's funny is I don't see an exception for holding K alone over KT on the wizard's strategy generator. ... d-800/Note the three-to-a-flush rule 5 up from the bottom.

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