Benefits "surpressed" in Colorado

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Re: Benefits "surpressed" in Colorado

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And i agree the casinos in Colorado with their free play seems to me also very arbitrary, since i misread and mixed up TDB with DDB i dont think that you will find 9/6/4 DDB in quarters triple play other than the Monarch..... the typical 9/5/4 ddb is pretty much everywhere i play.... there are a few full pay 8/5 BP triple play at the Gilpin in 25 cents

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pokerpokerpoker wrote:
Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:03 am
Generally speaking, it seems a lot of casinos have "wised up". If you play the best VP machines (less than a 1% house edge), the casinos realize that they aren't making much off of you and slash your club benefits.

Sure, sometimes you get killed. Other times you get some pay-back. But over time....

One of my locals penalizes you for winning. Last year I was playing heavily on their best games. When I was losing, my mailbox was stuffed with goodies: generous FP, gifts, food ect. When I got hot and hit a bunch of jackpots, they cut me off - all while running similar coin-in.
Depending how much they give you in the "losing" phase, this system can be better for players if they eventually start resending mailers awhile after the big win. Bob Dancer has said Dotty's has mailers like this. If he hits big there, he quits them for a quarter and in about a quarter, the mailers return. Of course to try to exploit this system also means you shoot for big wins or lose big trying. The latter obviously sucks. :(

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When we visit Blackhawk, we play single line quarter Deuces Wild. Coming from the Southeast, being able to play quarter 98.9% Airport Deuces is a treat. We normally have to play this game at the dollar level. The Ameristar has an entire row of these games behind the craps tables on the first floor. They give us two free rooms a piece per week. This means we can stay free for four nights. Not a bad deal in exchange for playing quarters with a 1% house edge.

They also have this game at the Lodge across the street and at the Central City casino. The Monarch has six NSU Deuces Wild games. We always take a day and drive down to Cripple Creek. If you have never been there, it's an experience. The entire state is non smoking. I can't tell you how nice it is to play VP without stinking cigarette and cigar smoke.

Blackhawk is a great couples vacation. If you live nearby, I can see how you might take it for granted. Believe me, it's rare to have a nice casino like that in such a beautiful setting. My wife and I both have the Lodge webcam on our computers and look at it every day. We can't wait to go back.

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Playing 98.9% anything at any level is an abomination, not a treat.

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