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Re: Downtown Vegas Video Poker

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case wrote:
Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:32 pm
The 4 Queens has some good VP right at the bar near Fremont St. 9-6 jacks and either good DB or DDB,can't remember.

Of course they still have the full pay 10-7 DB along the wall near Magnolias restaurant. (last time I was there anyway)
4Q removed the $.25 10/7 DB progressives that were along the wall by Magnolia's. Probably a year or so ago. They do have $1 10/7 DB on the floor and 10/6 DDB at all three bars. Plenty of 9/6 Jacks as wall.

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Stayed at 4 Queens in Sept. my friend hit a Royal at the Kings Bar, the next day I was walking by and sat at the same machine on the 3rd hand I hit a Royal playing the Double Double Bonus progressive. I have always done well at 4 Queens when we go usually someone in our group hits at least one Royal. The pay out @ $.25 is 9/6, @ $.50/$1 is 10/6 at the 2 bars.

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I put in some good play at the QQQQ this summer and was rather impressed by the place. And, I am not a Downtown type of person. Every employee I had contact with was friendly and knowledgeable. The VP is quite good, the bartenders kept my glass full, the slot club folks were knowledgeable ect. Comps and cash back seemed easy to get.

I ate at Magnolias twice - pretty good for the money. I ate at Hugo's once. I wouldn't call Hugo's top-tier, but we enjoyed it. It was nice that the meals all came with side, salad, and a bit if desert - instead if everything alacarte.

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