Line of Credit?

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Line of Credit?

Post by Bobbi »

What is the best way to get money to the casino without having to carry it with you? Not sure if I want to apply for credit unless that is the only way. I would not want to leave the casino owing it money - If you have a line of credit - can you just write a check before leaving to settle up? Will a line of credit get you any perks? Can you just apply for check cashing privileges before you go?

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Post by seemoreroyals »

Using line of credit is the best way to manage money while playing at casino. You must have discipline. We always settle up at the end of trip in the event that we have a losing trip. They give you a period of time to pay up but it is easier to keep up with to get it over with before you leave. As far as I know there are no perks for establishing lines of credit. We have been using markers aka lines of credit for years and have had no problems with them.

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Post by billryan »

When you sign a marker, it is essentially a check. If you don't redeem it in a set period of time, it is presented to your bank like any other check. There is no need to write a check to pay off a check.
You can wire money to a casino in advance, but I think that gets expensive.

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avoid wiring or other similar transfers because ye's there are definitely fees and costs and such, including ones your casino may charge in addition to what the bank or source charges. instead of markers, simply arrange ahead of time with your casino host for them to accept a check from your account for the amount of your money you want to spend. if its for a large enough amount and youre a regular valued customer the casino should accept your check without charging any fees! if and when it comes time to leave and you still have more money than you wish to carry then simply ask the casino to write you a check. its not a huge issue unless you have lousy credit or if you did something to piss off the casino previously

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Post by Tedlark »

If a person has a positive balance in their cage account and if this same person asks the casino to write them a check for this same amount when this same person departs from the casino (or asks for a check because the sky is blue), why would lousy credit come into play?

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