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Re: Non-Smoking

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Their is that MINDLESS progressive liberalism on display again.
They had no clue in 2016 and they still don't in: TRUMP 2020!!!

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Chicagoan wrote:
Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:43 am
One man, one vote. Except in U.S. presidential elections. It is a national election. Yet for the most part, the voters of many states have no say-so, due to Electoral College math. Slice it and dice it any way you like, Trump in 2016 and Bush in 2000 lost the election but won the presidency. Thus, your right to vote on the "one man, one vote" principle is a joke. (And before you blast me, I am a die-hard Republican who believes in individual rights.)

I promise you, if Trump had won the popular vote in 2016 but then lost the Electoral College, to this day we would still be hearing from him about how he was cheated in an unfair rigged election.
I distinctly remember several Democrat pundits gleefully predicting that Bush would win the popular vote
in 2000, but Gore would win the electoral college. They didn't say much after the election. Heard a good line from a New Hampshire voter this morning when asked why Elizabeth Warren didn't do better since she was from a neighboring state. He said that's because we know her best. Bye bye Lizzie.

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