56 cookies in browser even when you have paid membership

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56 cookies in browser even when you have paid membership

Post by cryptobet »

first off, i want to say i love video poker and this site is great.


i checked my cookies after clearing everything. and was shocked to see 56 cookies.

i even have a paid membership which doesn't show ads

i understand you have to make money on the free part of the site with ads i have no issues with that

but 56 cookies for a normal site is crazy. most sites have 5 maybe 10 cookies at most

what are all 56 cookies for?

what kind of data are you collecting and selling?

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Post by Webman »

We basically only use cookies to help keep you logged in and ensure proper website operation, and also to analyze traffic to the site so we know how many people are visiting, etc. The forum software itself has some additional cookies to operate properly. Our first party cookies are certainly not being sold. They are just there to keep your access to the site working.

There are also 3rd party cookies that may be used to deliver advertising, etc prior to logging in. For complete details of our cookie usage, please see the Privacy Policy: