Anyone have played at Laughlin Nv Riverside casino

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Anyone have played at Laughlin Nv Riverside casino

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Anyone have played at Laughlin Nv Riverside casino. I am planning to go there for 5 weekdays in april, 2021. Anyone played there before, need some experience.

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Post by case »

VP is not very good at The Riverside. Next door at the Aquarius they still have some full pay.

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The riverside has some 98.79 quarter poker but only on some machines. Better payout on .50 and dollar levels. Be aware of the pay tables because many games are worse. Player points on poker are 1 for 5 bucks if I remember right and 1 for 3 bucks on slots. Gamble enough and you will be offered reduced or free junkets. Aquarius has full pay but virtually no player points on those games. These odds are roughly average for most places in laughlin

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They also have 3 of the 5 Quick Quad machines turned on, which are my go-to there.

Riverside offers the best comps on the river. Points can be cashed out, and also comp dollars that can be used for food which are separate. Mailers offer free rooms, food comps, and a little free play.

Be advised that there is hardly any Covid-19 protocols in place with the exception of them taking your temp if you are checking into the hotel and security hounding players to put their mask on. No crowd control though. Definitely not following the 50% capacity. Also, north tower only has 1 elevator working, and south tower only has 4 working. Be prepared to wait in a long line to use the elevator, especially if you are in the north tower (avoid this one until they get all the elevators turned back on). 4 people to an elevator is not being followed due to the elevators being taken out of service and have been since they reopened back in June.

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Things have changed at the Riverside Casino I am sure the pandemic had a lot to do with changes. Still love going to Laughlin NV though. Love the Avi Casino we had so much fun there for years

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