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Why do you play video poker? What is your favorite game and why?
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Post by aceman99 »

Is it worth the 79.99? If the just the daily weekly and monthly contest's are played? Thought's please.

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Post by Webman »

There is a free trial for a week. Give it a shot and decide for yourself if it's worth 22 cents a day.

If you play a lot, I personally think it's a bargain. I may be biased so other feedback welcome, of course. :lol:

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Post by doris13 »

just to play without ads makes it worth it

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Post by Rolly69 »

I do think it's worth it. I've been a Gold Member for a little over 2 years and it helped with my strategy play ... before the pandemic hit. Living in British Columbia, Canada ... casinos have been closed for over a year and no reopen in sight. But, keeping up with my skills will keep me in shape for when I can play at a casino again.

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Post by rosalie »

It's worth every penny. The ads that constantly pop up are so annoying. The ads can also harm your computer.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

I would definitely get it if I played much for practice, but I just don’t anymore. Too many live trips 3-4 days a week. Also the screen on my little old SE is small, but it fits perfectly in my shirt pocket. I rarely use a laptop anymore for anything where it would be easier to play. I do think it is a bargain though.

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Post by onemoretry »

There is also the option of a Silver membership, at about one third the cost of Gold. Obviously, you don't get all the features of Gold, but you do eliminate the ads.

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Post by Jstark »

I have neither and never see an ad anymore. 8-)

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Post by dustin1 »

I like being a gold member. Its reasonably priced, love the challenge and competition and there are numerous games you can play and master

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