best way to win at keno

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best way to win at keno

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i have always tried to group my numbers if i am picking between 3 an 7 numbers , the pattern may not show up right away but sooner than later it will show and you will hit all of your numbers and if it is a 7 spot then you may score high enough to place in the tournaments

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There is only one system that guarantees a win with every spin.

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I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading that crap.

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Blade runner I am going to try your method to see how I do.

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I like Ned’s numbers thank you for the info!!!

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Ask this recent winner.
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Very nice. Hopefully one day we all can hit a jackpot like that. I played my same numbers during various sessions for years. It was very hard to finally break from habit and try different numbers recently. Still no luck but will continue to play. It's such a fun game. I always played 10 numbers, but now I play 8 and 9 numbers. I'll try 7 numbers next time. Thanks.

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very nice hit

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