Anyone ever seen this game?

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Anyone ever seen this game?

Post by Jean76 »

The game Powerhouse Poker is available here and last night before I went to bed I played it here. I did not do too well but it was an interesting game. has anyone here actually seen this in a casino in the past two years, before and after covid19? if so what was playing it for money for real like in terms of results and volatile swings? I have never seen it in the canadian casinos nor when I went into Usa casinos. I'd like to try it once but not if its a real lousy money eater or if it only exists in high denom form.

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Post by Webman »

You can see a list (updated monthly) of which casinos have this game here: ... it=Refresh

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Post by AZ Barb »

I have seen and played this game at Harrah's Ak-Chin casino in Arizona. Played nickels, and did well sometimes and not so well others, just like regular gambling, LOL! Odds seem to be better on Double Double as opposed to Triple Double, which I usually play when betting quarters. Good Luck!

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Post by lovetocook »

I have never seen this game at the casino but so enjoy playing it online. Hope you learn to enjoy it as much as I do!

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Post by Vman96 »

Webman wrote:
Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:30 am
You can see a list (updated monthly) of which casinos have this game here: ... it=Refresh
And River City in Missouri has knocked their inventory to 3. It used to be at least 9 when it first came out!!! I thought that was ridiculous. I have really enjoyed this search feature btw Webman.

And Jean76, when I see the game its usually available for as low as nickels in most places.

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Post by nannypoo »

I played Powerhouse Poker and really like the game. Hope it gets in more casinos.

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Post by case »

I played it at the Orleans casino in Las Vegas. I found the variance high and big swings. Fun to play but can drain a bankroll quickly

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