Valentine's Trip

Did you hit any jackpots? Did you get a great comp? We all want to know!
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Lucky Larry
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Valentine's Trip

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Sweet C and I made another pilgrimage to GNLC for Valentine's Day. We stayed at GN but played at Coushatta for the pay tables and since any additional GN points won't help. Play was fair and I got into a long streak which kept building up my credits. Playing 100 play machines between us we hit at least 8-9 Royals on 2¢ and/or5¢. We closed the night with me up and with enough to pay back my 401G account. It has been a number of trips since we had a good run.

The next evening Sweet C and I decided to stay the second night of our reservations and we headed back to Coushatta. Things started out great, went up steadily then I lost timing. Being late we headed back to play our surplus (over bank roll) winnings at GN. Moving from 3-5 and then 10 hands 25¢ after hitting multiple large hands and 4 deuces multiple quads on Bonus. OMG, playing 10 hand I caught the first 25¢ Royal of the year holding A-K-10 of Diamonds. Maintained the rest of the night and came home with enough to repay the 401G account and still have the Royal left over.

Bummer of the night:
10 hands of 4 Aces on Bonus Deuces and 10 hands of 3 deuces/Ace and neither one hit. Oh well, my investment will awaiting my next withdrawal-hopefully with interest!

Babysitting 3 of the greats tonight and one calling out so I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.


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Congrats to both of you Double L.

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WTG Larry. Glad you and Sweet C had a rewarding Valentine's Day trip.

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Wtg Larry and Sweet C!!!

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