Qualifying for Seven Star Contest

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Re: Qualifying for Seven Star Contest

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I agree , it is very difficult to qualify for the tournament by the 23rd

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paulyboy13 wrote:
Tue Dec 12, 2023 3:28 am
I agree , it is very difficult to qualify for the tournament by the 23rd
The 7 Star Tourney is designed to reward players who have been around a long time, while also allowing entry for people who are brand new (through a lot more play).

It takes 5,000 hands to earn a star - so for someone new, playing 35,000 hands in a month is a tall order (but certainly possible).

The key to earning easier entry is to:
1) Play something on 20 of the first 23 days of the month to earn one star (you are on track here)
2) Rack up those achievements, which last forever and will allow you to start every month with more stars (four unique achievements = 1 star). Currently you are only starting the month with 1 star from achievements. You have several achievements that would be relatively easy to earn and make the task easier.

For you I would recommend:
1) Start a Gold trial to earn the Gold achievement (you can cancel immediately and not be charged)
2) Play some Personal and Group challenges until you win one and earn those achievements
3) Play in the Members Rule Host Competition. The Peanut Gallery achievement takes a little time but isn't too tough to earn
4) Once you do manage to earn 7 stars in a month (even if it is not before the tourney starts), that Achievement will be unlocked as well.
5) After that, you will be left to compete in a variety of contests (daily, weekly, monthly) and try to snag some top positions there for the contest achievements. Top 100 in each contest type should be doable without too much work if you commit to it.

Once you knock out some more achievements, you will find it isn't nearly as difficult to make it into the tourney each month.

For more info on the achievements, see:

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