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Re: Annoying new advertising

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Webman wrote:
Fri Dec 15, 2023 8:35 am
Can you explain what is different now than before that is causing problems?
Ads are appearing in Forum posts. I even saw one for "estate Planning" in a previous post of mine

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I realize the very thought is abhorrent to some of you, but, to me, $25 a year for an ad-free Silver Membership, is well worth the cost. And, I don't really miss that $25.

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The ads cover your entire screen and you have to click on them to get rid of them. Before, at the bottom of the page several small ads would appear that didn’t really hurt anything you were doing. Once in awhile, I would even check them out. Now I am like Quick Draw McGraw in x ing out the ads that cover your entire page. I also don’t appreciate the off color ads that never used to appear. I hate to say this, but the site is starting to look like a spam website off and on when you are in it. Ads also appear within the threads themselves. Because of this type of web advertising, I couldn’t tell you even one product they are advertising. That’s how fast I close them out. Even as I am typing this, a big banner ad appeared when I went to proof read my response here. I cannot disagree with OMT’s response, I just choose on principal not to pay for a VP website. No different than clicking on a Wall St Journal story and you read three lines and then the story is blocked unless you subscribe. If it ever gets to that point, I will have to say bye bye. After all, the meat of the site for many people is what other posters are saying or reporting. Lots of other good free stuff, yes I agree, but I don’t see what is wrong with just leaving things as they were a few months ago.

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I made some changes in my browser and seems to be much better still some but it was crazy for awhile there.

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