Thunder Valley or Cache Creek?

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Thunder Valley or Cache Creek?

Post by Charby »

I will be in the Sacramento area on Sunday and thought I would stop by one of the Indian casinos. Does anyone know if Thunder Valley or Cache Creek is better for video poker? Thanks for any input!

Johny Dynamic
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Post by Johny Dynamic »

Cache creek hands down. Middle of nowhere but better VP.

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Post by Tedlark »

Almost 8 1/2 years? May be a record.....

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Post by Webman »

I'm sure Charby has been sitting around waiting for the reply. It's safe to go now, Charby! Let us know what you think...

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Post by BigDogCA »

Well, long gone Charby, but if you or others visit the Sacramento Area again, I am sitting here just 2 miles from Thunder Valley Casino, Lincoln, CA 1. Cache Creek is NOT your best bet. Once you have traveled all that way into Rumsey Indian Reservation Land, you just have to visit a winery and enjoy the view. My experience with VP at Cache Creek is not good, not good at all. 2. Regularly pass up play at Thunder Valley as they have low pay tables usually 7/5 so watch out! 3. We travel to Colusa Casino just a few miles up the road toward Chico. My play there has been so good, they stopped sending us discount coupons! You can always spend a day in Reno. Good play there as well.

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Post by sjshark »

thanks for sharing that info - I've been wondering whether it's worth the drive!

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