Posting a top score in a non daily, weekly or monthly contest game?

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Posting a top score in a non daily, weekly or monthly contest game?

Post by PokerKid21 »

What kinds of rewards, achievements, or stars can be earned by playing the more than 70 games found on your site? To be clear, I don't mean the games featured in daily, weekly, or monthly contests. Do I have to become a Gold or Pro member to get the reward from the non featured games?

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Post by Webman »

All achievements can be earned by anyone (with the exception of the Test Your Skills, which we hope to re-release in a new format later this year).

Rather than competing against the real-time leaderboards of Gold members, non-Gold members must try to beat the previous day's top score from the Gold leaderboard.

In order to earn the Top Score of the Day achievement as a non-gold member:
1) You must be playing a game that had more than 20 Gold players the previous day. Number of players is not listed, so you will want to choose one of the more popular games.
2) You must beat the previous day's top score (Since you start at 10,000 credits, beating a score of +1500 would mean reaching an in-game score of 11,500).

As a non-gold member, this achievement can only be earned one time, which is all that is needed to improve your Star rating.

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