Trip Report: Greektown Casino, Detroit (08/31)

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Trip Report: Greektown Casino, Detroit (08/31)

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My last time setting foot in a casino was March 7th, the Saturday before the dreaded lockdown. When the Detroit casinos opened, I kept on eye on the news to see what it would be like. There were no rampant outbreaks so I thought I would give it a go. Armed with a very generous Free Play offer from Greektown Casino, I headed there Monday afternoon.

The temperature checkpoint was easy as they have some kind of huge high tech remote thermometer that I'm sure killed a few skin cells. There was no wait and I was on the floor in no time. The first impression was not one of sad desolation, as I had expected. Yes, it was weird to see only every third machine on but there was a decent crowd and it didn't seem that bad. Walking around I was struck by how tidy everything looked. This was by far the grungiest of the big three casinos in Detroit but with new carpet, a raised ceiling and more light, it almost, almost, has a Vegas feel.

My first stop was the bar, because unlike Mr. Dancer's sage advice to never drink lest your judgement be clouded, I find that it helps me to relax during my sessions. The top floor bar was open and serving. Only a small plexiglass barrier was in front of the serving station. The rest of the bar was untouched. But this is where I had my first negative feeling. Every 3rd bartop machine was on. The rest were bluescreens of sadness. This kind of hit me a little. And then I got a caution with the beer: you have to be sitting to drink, so no walking and drinking. I supposed that's fair. So I went for a quick but dry walkabout.

The table games were an interesting site. Only three seats per table with tall plexiglass partitions between each player and the dealer. This was quite odd to see but I was prepared for this as I had already seen some videos from Vegas. But still, it was kind of weird. I do like the extra room at the tables though. A quick maneuver through the floor saw a great deal of activity with people playing and walking around. Honestly, apart from everyone being masked and the shutdown machines, this could have easily been any other weekday afternoon. Well it was time to get my VP on!

I headed to the video poker room. Now, for those who have never been to Greektown Casino, it's a very unique setting: a converted fur processing warehouse from the late 19th century. That means it's not just one big open room. It's really quite neat. And there's actually a dedicated VP room which is across a walkway in it's own little very separated area. For years it was a dark and smokey refuge where you could get some serious session time in without the typical distractions of a busy bar or crowded floor. The only downside were the dreaded keno players :) But now the room has new carpet and they removed the lower ceiling but sprayed it black. So it's still quite a dark space, but with the new "temporary" smoking ban, it definitely was less stale smelling. The room was sparsely filled and the machines were following the every 3rd rule. But now I was finding a new appreciation for it. When I play solo I really do like space around me. I usually pick an end machine so I only have the chance of one person sitting next to me who hopefully won't talk! Well now I was guaranteed to be sitting alone. There were sanitization stations everywhere with towelettes for cleaning. I did see some cleaning staff but I also saw people getting up from machines and no staff coming over and then someone else sitting down. So I armed myself with some bleachy wipes and hunted for a spot.

I picked a bank of newer slanted Game Kings. There were only two side by side so this was perfect. I set my beer down, wiped down the machine, loaded my Free Play, and popped up the 50 cent TDB 9/5. (I normally would play the buck version for 9/6 but this was a quick trip). I played my first hand and a button got stuck. I could not get that thing to pop back up for anything. So I cashed out and right behind me was the same set up so after a quick recombobulation I was back on track. Now this is where my mileage may vary. I got very lucky. Halfway through the Free Play, I held 2 A's and popped the other 2 plus a kicker. The beautiful music played as I fished out my license waiting for the whole G-2 experience. And I waited. And waited. Finally I went to find someone. It honestly took almost 30 minutes for an attendant to come. Now Greektown has always been slow to respond to hand pays and this was not entirely out of the ordinary. Once she came all was well. I like the fact they reset the machines so you can keep playing which of course I did. Naturally I hoped to hit another one just to see her reaction. Naturally that did not happen. So anyway she returned, paid me out and everything was ducky.

I went back to the bar, got another one and walked around for a bit. I played a couple stupid slots and finally went back into the VP room to play a little DBDW because I just find that game to be so entertaining. The progressive bank is gone, replaced by the new sportsbook, which looks less appealing that any book I have ever seen, including the old Golden Gate one. But hey, I'm sure it will be much better once the regs are lifted. So I found a standup bank and plopped down. Now I'm just screwing around. I'm playing and drinking. Then a guy comes up to me and says that I need to have my mask on. I say but I'm seated and drinking a beer. He says the health inspector just walked by and they got into trouble. I say that I am so sorry and immediately mask back up. Now I'm sitting there drinking under my mask. Well that was pretty odd but hey I'm ok with it all. Whatever it takes just to get a little normality back. And that's what this trip was: a little semblance of the before time.

My time had passed and I had to get back home. I hit the restroom on the way out. This was by far the best surprise of all. Normally they are a like a Greyhound bus station bathroom but these were so clean. I was amazed! That was a nice ending to this quick little trip. All in all it was a good experience. Even if I hadn't of won, which of course I never expect to, I would have been satisfied. I'm glad I went and will definitely be back.

Hope this wasn't too long. Stay safe and have a great day...with a kicker!

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Post by case »

That was a really good report. It sounds like Greektown has done a good job making things as safe as possible for their players in the covid fight. Thanks for posting.

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Post by tech58 »

Nice hit and nice report. I understand they are a little short on good paytables but when the cards come in that matters not. :up:

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Post by FAA »

I was finding a new appreciation for it. When I play solo I really do like space around me. I usually pick an end machine so I only have the chance of one person sitting next to me who hopefully won't talk! Well now I was guaranteed to be sitting alone.
Excellent perk of pandemic. I love it too. That and very clean bathrooms. Though I did find an empty liter bottle of Patron in a toilet. And an empty Hennessy bottle next to a slot, both last week. I'd love to have a four digit win highlighting a "quick trip"!

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Post by Jstark »

tech58 wrote:
Wed Sep 02, 2020 5:01 pm
Nice hit and nice report. I understand they are a little short on good paytables but when the cards come in that matters not. :up:
Yep. Everything good got dumped there for 98%'ers or less. Even in high limit.

I believe the best they now have is the 25/15/9/4/4/3/2 DW STP which is a shade over 99%

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Post by VegasVic14 »

MGSKO: Greektown has an all new sportsbook area w/ plenty of seats and TVs.

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