advantage found after 3 years

Did you hit any jackpots? Did you get a great comp? We all want to know!
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advantage found after 3 years

Post by wildman49 »

Only 6 days played this month all big losses. Going to sit it out the rest the month. Start fresh July 1.

Not sure if I wrote about this or not.
There was a change at the small casino I sometimes play at for good juicy promos. They had these Bally Gamemaker HD machines in the non smoking room. Till this past March these machines payed double the points or the same as slots. This was on going for about 3 years. If a good promo came along I would hit them hard 9/6 JOB. In June 2018 I got in the cash cube for a $5100 take. Aug. the same year took 4 draws for $1000 each. I would not over play these machines just waited for a hot promo. As the years went on the promos got weak and did not use them much. In March they moved the machines and that ended the double point take.

I know a guy played them machines won a Polaris Slingshot tax value was $28,000.

Funny thing was only 2 of us was playing the advantage, just goes to show you not many smart players around these parts.

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Post by case »

Is this the casino across the road? I think they call it the slot palace? All good things come to an end sooner or later.

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Post by wildman49 »

Case no it's there smaller casino in Standish, MI

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Post by billryan »

It's surprising how few true advantage players there seem to be. After less than two years in Vegas, I started to recognize many of the same people showing up for advantage plays. In fact, if I went someplace for an expected advantage and didn't see many of the people, I'd rework the math because I most likely am the one who made the mistake.

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Post by Jstark »

If you know what to look for, figuring out who is an advantage player and who isn't is pretty easy. This includes both machine play and table games.

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Post by FAA »

CET did a 10X Rewards Credits promotion on Father’s Day, 12-4 PM. I did not hit it terribly hard, though I made sure to start at noon. The budget is what it is, and time has value. I was more interested in booking an actual winning trip than the RCs. Of course, the above promos were fantastic and not run of the mill RC incentives.

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I've found the slot club points dealie several times. My old casino (closed) had numerous VP machines with better paytables that were supposed to be $20/point - they even had a sticker indicating such. But, in actuality were paying it at the slot machines rate. VPfree2 also had them at $20/point.

But really, besides getting cashback and a higher tier a little quicker; I didn't gain a whole lot from it. But if I played more, and had time to sit around for raffles, I coulda "stuffed the drum".

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Post by dinghy »

pokerpokerpoker wrote:
Thu Jul 01, 2021 9:32 am
I've found the slot club points dealie several times.
But really, besides getting cashback and a higher tier a little quicker; I didn't gain a whole lot from it.
I believe the shutdowns created a lot of those because machines "forgot" their configurations while powered off. But promos in Nevada have been few and far between. Major operators such as Boyd and Stations have completely eliminated drawings.

I'm surprised the Michigan play lasted 3 years on a 99.5% game. It would have been more camouflaged on a 99.0.

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Post by Carcounter »

Posted before about a .25 Bonus Deuces game at an AC casino that had a progressive for the 4 Deuces that didn't rest at 250 and kept going up. Was at approx $ 550 when the casino shut down in March 2020. When it reopened in July? it was at $770. Don't know how it went up $ 220 during the shutdown, but I hit the Deuces three times for a total of about $2,200. Once it got to $ 1,200 and required a handpay, they figured it out and made the correction.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Wow that was great except the figuring out part. I have found over the years that regular vp players are a lot smarter than those that set up and run the vp machines at the casino. I know for a fact that many of them do not even understand basic math. Fortunately for them, neither do most casual vp players. My guess is 80 percent have no knowledge of pay tables. That is why so many people play DDB. They zero in on the big Aces payout and forget about the 1 for 1 2 pair on DDB. I have seen people play a 7/5 DDB game where a 9/6 quarter JOB game was a few steps away. A typical scenario at Mohegan Sun is to have every other machine a 97 percent one and the other one a 99.54 machine. Most people just sit down at the open one paying no attention to the pay table. Mohegan Sun is huge and still has
Lots of vp. I estimate there are less than 2 dozen serious vp players left, me trying to be one of them. Some have passed away or unable to go out anymore, some do not like the constant downgrading and reduced comps, and some never came back after Covid. I know ZERO vp players under 30. As a matter of fact ZERO under 45 or so. The women are starting to outnumber the men players Hmmmmmm, that’s because they usually live longer. 😬

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