REO trip

Did you hit any jackpots? Did you get a great comp? We all want to know!
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REO trip

Post by wildman49 »

Had a great time at the REO Concert as always will keep going every time they come to the casino. These guys still got it.

VP was so so only one hit,a SF, played JOB the whole time about 7 hours total. down $25.
Riding the storm out!


Kevin Cronin lead vocals age 70

Neal Doughty keyboards age 75

Bruce Hall bass age 68

Dave Amato lead guitar age 68

Bryan Hitt drums age 67

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Super. I will take a 25 buck day hit for a night like that anytime! Hope they will be back at Mohegan sometime soon.

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Post by FAA »

Yeah. Similar to my own JOB drudgery. I lost $15 excluding travel expenses for 3.5 hours of stupefying boredom. The progressive peaked at $1,166. Twenty four hours later, it reached $1,197. I bypassed it for sports book viewing. Do you keep track of quads? I had five to keep me alive.

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