Dec Golden Nugget trip Sweet C on a roll

Did you hit any jackpots? Did you get a great comp? We all want to know!
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Lucky Larry
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Dec Golden Nugget trip Sweet C on a roll

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Headed over one finally time before our GN New Year bash! Three goals for the trip:
1) Finalize tier points to complete my Elite status
2) Enjoy an early birthday get-a-way
3) Swing by the new Ceasar's Horseshoe Casino opening 12/12@12:00.

A side goal was to see if Sweet C could get her fourth dealt Royal for the year (clubs) to round out a Homerun of all four since she had been dealt one of the other 3 earlier in the year.

Nice quick trip since I had to be back to close out the university semester. Sweet C was on a roll...

First came her one card Royal - darn not dealt! She's got one more trip to get it! :lol:
C Royal.jpeg
Then when I was about to head up and sitting by her she is dealt 4 Deuces.
C Dealt Deuces.jpeg
Finally she catches deuces again holding none!
C Deuces.jpeg
Way to go lady!

See LC Horseshoe for our review!

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Those are all nice. I am not so patiently waiting for dealt Deuces on my Triple Spin poker game. I am only playing nickels, but I’ll take it. Hope your follow up trip is good as well. I’m waiting since 2016 for another dealt Royal, but have had 3 on a redraw. Stay safe out there. There’s a bad moon on the rise and unfortunately, it’s Covid!! Enjoy your trip. I bet you have at least one student who deserves a little extra credit. I was lucky. More than once I had that 89 turned into a 90 in the old days. The teacher would say something like….. Oh the extra point is for oral participation. Heeee. One of my highlights speaking for a sec of school was going into my wife’s class with my sidekick friend Egor and I was Mr Wizard. The kids loved it. Happy early Birthday!!

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Nice hits for Sweet C!!! Looks like you brought her good luck this time! :)

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