My First Royal Flush Hand-Pay

Did you hit any jackpots? Did you get a great comp? We all want to know!
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My First Royal Flush Hand-Pay

Post by VegasGirl99 »

I was gambling at the Emerald Island Casino in Henderson, NV, and I was losing big time. So I decided to play the last $100 I had on me on a new game--Deal/Draw Poker. I accidentally hit MAX BET and the machine dealt me a Royal Flush on the top hand (I was playing Triple Play). I hit for $3000 and had my first hand-pay in Nevada and the kicker was that none of the slot attendants could figure out how I hit for that much because my final hand ended up being a low-paying hand.

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Post by Tedlark »

Congrats to you.

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Nice Story, nice outcome.

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Post by dinghy »

For some reason I can't see the pic.

How much was your bet amount? If my math is functioning today, it would have to be $1.50 because a dealt royal (on any line) pays 60,000 coins. Therefore you must have been betting the equivalent of nickels.

Really nice jackpot playing nickels! :up:

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WTG VegasGirl99!!!

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wtg hit another 1 soon

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I thought the $2,269 for $1.25 on Double Joker was great.

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