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Forum rules: Please read before posting

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We hope you take the opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, tips, and other information with your fellow members.

Please note: No discussion of online gambling is permitted, except where legal in the United States. Links to sites that promote or offer online gambling are not allowed.

The general rules are as follows:
  • Before you can post, please play 100 hands of video poker or keno
  • No personal attacks on other members or anything that could cause offense to anyone else. Keep the posts positive.
  • No discussion of online gambling, except where legal in the United States. Links to such sites are not permitted.
  • No profanity or hate speech
  • No links to pornographic material
  • No nuisance behavior, determined at the discretion of the administrators
  • No solicitation of donations for any cause, personal or otherwise
  • No promoting or linking to other unauthorized Web sites (at the discretion of the forum moderators), which may be deemed as advertising or for financial gain, including affiliate referrals. Advertising rights may be purchased by contacting our advertising team.
  • No advertisements or solicitation of any kind. Any and all SPAM will be rejected.
  • Your free expression here is not protected by the Bill of Rights since is not a government-controlled institution. We may at any time, without prior notice, and at our sole discretion, remove any posting or revoke your access to the forum.
  • The opinions expressed on this forum are those of the authors and do not represent the official position of Action Gaming, Inc.
Thank you for your attention to these rules.  We hope you enjoy your time here.