Earn up to 100% commission

VideoPoker.com has several membership categories where you can earn commissions on referred members. The following table highlights the membership categories, the member subscription fees, and the commissions you can earn on each:

Member Type Price Affiliate % Affiliate Commission
Basic Member* Free - $1.00
Monthly Silver Member $2.95 100 $2.95
Annual Silver Member $24.95 25 $6.24
Monthly GOLD Member $8.95 100 $8.95
Annual GOLD Member $79.95 25 $19.98
Monthly Pro Member $11.95 100 $11.95
Annual Pro Member $99.95 25 $24.99
Monthly Pro Training $6.95 100 $6.95
Annual Pro Training $49.95 25 $12.40

You can also earn 25% on any software sold to your referred visitors.

This includes the world's most comprehensive video poker training software called Video Poker for Winners, a popular train-as-you-play program.

Title Price Affiliate % Affiliate Commission
Video Poker For Winners $49.95 25 $12.40

Commission Payments

Affiliates are paid 30 days after the end of each calendar month for all commissions earned during the prior month. See the Affiliate Operating Agreement for more detailed information about commission payments.

*Basic membership referrals are credited when a user signs up for free, confirms their email address, and completes 100 hands of play.

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