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7 Star Tourney

7 Star Tourney

Earn 7 stars to qualify for this exclusive five day contest with
multiple rounds and $1,000 in prizes.

December qualifiers: 63


Your December Star Level:

Each month you have a chance to earn seven stars during the first 23 days. Tourney begins on the 24th of each month. Stars are earned based on the number of achievements you have earned, how many hands you have played, and how many days you play during the month.
Progress towards next star: 0 / 4
Next star: 0 / 5,000
Days of play
Days played: 0 / 20

How to earn stars:

  • 4 achievements = 1 star, earn up to 5 stars
  • 5,000 hands = 1 star (maximum 5,000 hands per day)
  • 20 days of play = 1 star

Stars will reset at the beginning of each month. By earning achievements, you will begin each month with more stars.

Only members that reach the 7 Star Level will qualify for the tourney.

Details and Rules

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