Daily Contest Results - winner's top hand incorrect?

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Daily Contest Results - winner's top hand incorrect?

Post by chiefsquirrel »

June 12, 2021 game - Ultimate X Wheel

Perhaps I'm missing something but the game-image showing the best hand appears to be incorrect.
The "win" window (lower left) shows 41080 as being won on the hand but the total from the 5 plays is just over 1,000. Screenshot is attached.

Can you explain?

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Post by Webman »

Their wheel win on the second hand was multiplied by 20 and must have been a doozy. Unfortunately that value does not appear on the screen here, only their total win.

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Post by butnpushr »

That’s the way the game displays in real life too. I believe the winner here got a 20x multiplier on a 2000 credit wheel.

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