This is what people are saying about VideoPoker.com

"I love your website and your contests. Thank you for hours of fun."

"Absolutely love the site. Love the chance to play all the new games before they hit the casino."

"I absolutly love your site. Last year I had my husband get me a Dell laptop with touch screen so I could play it all the time. :-) He laughs at me and calls my laptop my $600 deck of cards. Please keep up the good work. One of these days I'm going to win a contest."

"Thanks for the website… Gold membership pays for itself in a couple of months if one spends serious time in the training mode."
-Ken H

"I joined this site last week (Gold Member) and I really enjoy visiting. It has helped my game already."

"I am also enjoying my Gold Membership, and enjoying the benefits. (It does make a difference!) Thank you again."

"I enjoy the learning setting and the contests. I don't get close to some of the scores I see that others do, but I have a great time trying. The look and feel is just like the games I've played in Vegas. There's no better site that I can find and just wanted to say thanks."

"Just wanted to let you know how very, very much my wife and I enjoy the video poker games you provide us online. I'm sure that between the two of us we are online at your website on an average of three to four hours daily. We like to visit Las Vegas four or five times a year and only play video poker. Your games are as close to Las Vegas as we can get without actually being there. We have passed your website information to numerous video poker oriented friends. Keep up the great work, it is outstanding."
-Frances and Jack

"I absolutely love your contests. Please, please have more and more and more. It's great fun and I enjoy seeing where I place among the thousands of participants worldwide. I placed #62 out of the top 100 places in the last contest and was completely thrilled. Of course I would have liked to win a prize but it was extremely satisfying none the less."

"Whether you choose to purchase a Gold membership, or just play on a free membership, I challenge anyone to name a product or service that gives you more value than videopoker.com. I am amazed at how well it is run, and how much content is offered. I know we like to pick on WebMan occasionally, but in truth, the guys and gals that keep this site operational are truly amazing. Please keep up the good work. "

"Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my gold membership - I’m not getting enough sleep anymore!"

"Thanks for developing videopoker.com, and populating it with a number of video poker games that are common sights in casinos everywhere.  Although some of the games I'd like to play require paid access (which I will do some day, just not yet), much of what you offer is freely available and I don't mind watching the banner ads associated with these games.  You are the next best thing to a real casino and I don't even have to risk any money to enjoy the action!"

"I have enjoyed playing video poker and interacting with the other players in tournaments.  It's also interesting to go to a real casino and find these new video poker machines and have a general knowledge how to play because I have learned from your site. Thanks and keep up the good work."

"I just want to tell you that I really enjoy your contests!!  They are a lot of fun and I enjoy playing in them, more than just playing VP alone.  Thanks for having these contests!  Keep up the good work! "
-Neil and Cindy

"This website is great for someone who loves Video Poker. The contests are GRRREEEAT. Keep up the good work."

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