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Come Back Kid
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Re: Spin Fever Petition

Post by Come Back Kid »

I can't figure out why you can't play it in the regular game...Make sure you clicked on "spin fever" and not the "requires adobe flash" ? Try it again...unless you're on mobile right now???

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Post by Webman »

Here is the direct link to play it, assuming you have flash player running: Play Spin Fever Poker

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Post by thestoiicone »

Okay....end of discussion....adobe slash doesn't jibe with my piecee of junk...Just thought maybe everyone--hightech,stoneage, and mobile could play spin fever since you have a slot open on the regular list....Repeat---endo discussion....Thanks anyway for the sidebar of entertainment when I post something that gets people scratching their melons....no female offense intended...

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Post by Onenickelmiracl »

Psshaw. Good news everyone. We're getting more cowbell.

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Post by JMEaton »

I don't see Spin Fever on any of the game lists. I, too, enjoy that game. Wish we had it back and offered on weekly contests....

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