Best Video software for a PC

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Best Video software for a PC


What is the best Video SW that includes multiple games and strategies

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Post by BobDancer »

Are you determined to only get one piece of software? If so, it limits you greatly.

Software in the running are Video Poker for Winners, WinPoker, and the Pro Poker monthly rental you get on this site. They each have advantages over the others. (Frugal vp which is the early version of Wolf Video Poker has some nice features but isn't supported anymore.)

for strategies, VPW wins --- although the strategies on common games are MUCH better than the strategies on games where you just input the pay schedule. But the other two do not construct strategies at all.

If you're specifically after Multi Strike, VPW is the only one with those strategies. If you're into Ultimate X or Quick Quads, the Pro Poker is best. (Pro Poker is by far the most expensive and requires an Internet connection to run. Other software is downloadable and once downloaded doesn't require a connection any more.)

The best strategy calculator currently available is free from the Wizard of Odds --- but it too requires an internet access. The strategy created is accurate (and free!) but is not very user friendly. I have used it, but spend considerable time translating it into a better format before I actually use it.

Most pros who are trying to get better buy all of the strategies and use them all for different purposes. If you're a recreational player who only wants to get one, probably VPW is the best choice.

Hope this helps.

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