Caesars laurel lounges

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Caesars laurel lounges

Post by atfdio »

When will Caesars open its laurel lounges other than a few casinos ? They are open in Atlantic City however right now only three days a week, a few other casinos in Iowa, pa., miss, . Many people became diamonds and seven stars only to find out they are closed. A few give seven stars a few drinks or a small food voucher. Predict this will chase away many good players. Anybody heard anything about this?

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Post by case »

I think the Laurel lounges will eventually all close. Eldorado will be running the business and they are looking to reduce spending everywhere. Enjoy the few lounges that are open but I don't think any of the ones closed will ever reopen.

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Post by Waiting4RF »

The theory in AC is the other casinos have lounges so Caesars needs to keep them too.

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