May 2020 Monthly Contest - Forum Participation Edition

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May 2020 Monthly Contest - Forum Participation Edition

Post by Webman »

Here we go again! Another bonus competition in the Monthly Contest for forum participants.

Anyone confirming their participation in this topic PRIOR to May 11th will be eligible, subject to the terms below.

The highest score of a confirmed forum participant will receive one free year of Gold membership and a merchandise package.

Should you place in the top 10 overall in the actual contest, you will of course also win the standard contest prize you are entitled to. There is only one prize in this bonus contest, for first place among qualifying forum participants.

After May 10th, I will periodically post the standings and progress of all participants until the end of the month.

Forum contest void if less than 10 people participate fully (playing all qualifying sessions).

To be eligible, a participant must ALSO have a total post count of 10 or higher at the conclusion of the contest.

Added: To all those new to the forum who are participating, please take some time this month to explore the rest of the forum and help us get to know you by responding to some of the topics and sharing your experiences/history playing video poker. The purpose of this contest is some friendly competition among familiar faces. New players are welcome as well, but we'd like to get to know you in the process.

Added: It will be at the administrator's discretion whether your forum participation fits the intent of this contest or is simply opportunistic. If you already have made more than 10 total posts in the forum in the past, you are probably all set.

Rules subject to change at the administrator's discretion.

To participate, simply reply to this topic saying "I'm in." You may of course discuss the contest here as well. Good luck! :up:

Come Back Kid
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Post by Come Back Kid »

"I'm in." Thank you Webman!!! :up:

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Post by onemoretry »

I'm in. And, yes, thanks for doing this again.

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Post by davidearl »

Me too, I'm in.

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Post by OTABILL »

I'm in. Assume hands already played count. Thanks again Webman.

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Post by Waiting4RF »

I'm in too. Thanks Webman!

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Post by Lateshowrob »

Count me in, thanks Webman.

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Post by Governor300 »

Gov. Is in thanks webman.had best scoring day in monthly today. Run out of time to finish last month oh well. Good luck all

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Post by DrKen »

I’m in. Love the competition

J. Bulletz
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Post by J. Bulletz »

Hey DrKen, isn't one winner per household?! Just kidding, but now we're all coming for you.
Count me in Webman, thanks for the fun additional contest.

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