i pad issues

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i pad issues

Post by oldgodslive »

A number of us are getting kicked out of games when playing on our IPADS. Sometimes you just get kicked out of the game. Twice I have gotten a white screen saying that the site has crashed. Please fix this or let us know what we can do to fix this on our devices.

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Post by Webman »

No solution at the moment. This appears to have started with Apple's iOS 15.1 (and 15.2) updates. The web page seems to refresh after periods of time, which can interrupt a game in progress. Safari does have a new feature that refreshes the page when you swipe down on the page, however we don't have reason to believe that's what's causing this. There may be something else initiating a refresh and it could be related. So far we have had no luck in preproducing this in a reliable way, it seems to be entirely at random and intermittent.

We've tried a few approaches to overcome this but so far none have done the trick.

We are actively looking for a solution, and hope for one that will not require any change of settings for users.

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