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Pro Trainer


  • Play Anywhere - Use Pro Training on your computer (PC or Mac), iPad or Android tablet.
  • Game Configuration - Set up your game to match what you play in casinos. You pick the game, pay table, bet denomination, and bankroll amount. You can also choose to have randomly selected hands or select a difficulty. Save your favorite game configurations to your Favorites for easy access in future Pro Training sessions.
  • Expected Value Tables - The Expected Value (EV) of every hold possibility is calculated and the top 8 are displayed in real time adjacent to your game. This gives you immediate feedback to know whether you have made the optimal hold.
  • Training Types - Select from TEST – which reveals the correct hold only after you've made your hold selection, or COACH – which shows the correct holds as soon as the cards are dealt.
  • Replay Your Errors - Errors are recorded as you train. Later, you can replay just the hands you have missed previously, or have your errors mixed in as you train with our Dynamic Replay feature! This challenges you to correct the mistakes you've made in the past and become a better player.¬† You can even print out a list of your errors to study offline.
  • Dashboard and Statistics - Has your play improved over time? The Pro Training Dashboard displays your hold accuracy and can be filtered by games and pay tables. The Statistics page provides additional information such as how many errors you've made and corrected in each game.
  • Ask the Experts - Your opportunity to ask our panel of experts about anything video poker related. Top questions and answers from other players are also displayed.

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