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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Members Rule Contest?

The Members Rule Contest is a free weekly contest that is hosted by a member. The contest works like most of our contests, but in this case, the featured game and other contest parameters (number of sessions per day, number of hands per session, number of winners) are determined by the host. In addition, there is a fun Peanut Gallery where qualifying members will have the ability to comment on the contest throughout the week.

2) How does a member become the contest host?

The week prior to each Members Rule Contest, there is a Host Competition. The Host Competition consists of very short sessions (15-30 hands) in a variety of games that are determined by spinning a reel. The player with the highest single-session score (not cumulative) in the Host Competition earns the opportunity to host the Members Rule Contest the following week.

3) I want to host a contest. How does that work?

You start by clicking the “Spin Now" link under “Become the next host” link on the Contests page. Then, you build your custom contest (you can edit it later). Once you have built and saved your contest, you will have an opportunity to spin a reel. The reel spin determines a game and number of hands you can play in your next Host Competition session. The highest session score during the Host Competition week earns the right to host their contest the following week.

4) How many reel spins do I get in the Host Competition?

All members get 2 reel spins (and resulting game sessions) per day. Gold and Pro Members receive one additional spin each day. Additional spins can also be purchased. A portion of every spin purchase will be added to the following week’s Members Rule contest prize pool. Bonus spins may also be awarded during the reel spin.

5) What is the Peanut Gallery?

The top 100 cumulative scores at the end of each Host Competition qualify for the Peanut Gallery. The Host Competition displays the cumulative "score to beat" to reach the Peanut Gallery, which is the current 100th place cumulative score. This score could of course change at any moment as play continues. Qualifying members earn an achievement and will have the ability to comment on the contest throughout the week.

6) Tell me again the difference between Session Scores and Cumulative Scores in the Host Competition?

To become the host, you will need the highest score in a single session. That means the best score in a short 15-30 hand session... it will take a great hand to make it happen!

Cumulative scores are the total of all of your Host Competition sessions throughout the week. These scores are used to determine the Peanut Gallery participants.

7) Do I have to play in the Host Competition to play in the Members Rule Contest?

No. Your participation and scores in the Host Competition have no bearing on your participation in the free Members Rule Contest. You only need to participate in the Host Competition if you would like to try to become the host or be a part of the Peanut Gallery.

8) Can I earn any achievements by playing in the Host Competition and Members Rule Contest?

YES! There are two achivements. One for becoming the Members Rule contest host, and another for qualifying for the Peanut Gallery. These achivements will track the total number of times you have earned them, should you be lucky enough to earn them more than once.

9) Do I earn Players Club points while playing in the Host Competition and Members Rule Contest?

Players Club points are earned as usual while playing the Members Rule Contest, however points are not earned while playing in the Host Competition. Because of this, playing in the Host Competition will also not count towards "days of play" while earning stars.

10) Can I qualify for the Tournament of Champions by playing in the Host Competition and Members Rule Contest?

The top score in the Members Rule Contest will earn a spot in the annual Tournament of Champions. There are no Tournament of Champions entries earned in the Host Competition.

11) How do spin purchases work in the Host Competition?

Purchased spins may be used at any time and may be saved for future weeks. Purchased spins operate the same as free spins and the odds on each spin are equal. Purchased spins are for one additional entry in the Host Competition to become the host of the following week's Members Rule Contest. Purchased spins are not refundable or transferable and have no cash value. There is no prize available in the Host Competition and purchasing spins does not increase your chance of winning a prize in any contest. Purchases for the Host Competition do not impact your participiation in the Members Rule Contest, which is free to participate in at all times with equal access for all eligible players. Each time a player makes a spin purchase, a portion of the purchase will be added to the prize pool for the following week's Members Rule contest.

12) How does the Prize Pool work?

The prize pool starts at $250.00 during the Host Competition. When a player builds their contest, they can determine how the prize pool will be distrubuted to the winners in the next week's Members Rule Contest if they become the host. For example, if you specify 50% of the prize pool will go to the first place winner, that player would receive $125 of the initial $250 prize pool. Prize pool distribution must add up to 100% and each rank must win an equal or greater amount than the rank below (you cannot have a greater prize for second place than first place).

Additionally, each time a player purchases spins for the Host Competition, a portion of the purchase is added to the next week's Members Rule prize pool. For example, if the prize pool increases to $300, then a 50% distribution for first place would now be $150 instead of the initial $125. Prizes are shown in US Dollars and will be rounded to the nearest 1 cent.

13) When does the Host Competition take place?

The Host Competition begins each Monday and runs through Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific. Sessions must be completed before 11:59pm on Sunday to be counted.

How do I get started?

Visit the Contests page to play the current Members Rule contest, or click here to compete to become the next host.



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