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February Game Spotlight – 100 Play with Super Times Pay

This month, we are featuring 100 Play with Super Times Pay, where you'll earn 2X Players Club points for playing.

This game takes two of the most popular poker games ever invented and blends them together like peanut butter and chocolate! There's nothing like playing 100 hands at once and seeing what ending hands will appear, especially when starting with a high value hand like three-of-a-kind! And there's no greater excitement than getting a 10X multiplier in Super Times Pay and seeing what ending hands and jackpots await. This game puts both concepts together for a wild ride of fun, excitement and jackpots!

You can play 100 Play with Super Times Pay right now by clicking here.

January 7 Star Results

January's 7 Star Tourney ended on January 28th. Congratulations to amaier1979 who won the $200 First Place prize. You can see all the winners by clicking here.

Click here for more information about the 7 Star Tournament each month.

2014 Tournament of Champions Winner Crowned

Congratulations to Bunks from Hamilton Ohio, the winner of the 2014 Tournament of Champions. With a best 200 hand session score of 5,000 in the final round (she hit aces with a kicker on her 106th hand), she wins a Las Vegas Dream Vacation for two!

To see all the winners and their final round scores, click here.

Hand of the Month

Congrats to acemeyer, who hit this great jackpot (dealt aces with a kicker) while playing Triple Double Bonus poker on a Five Play machine at Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma. He was dealt this on the second hand he played on that particular machine!

This Month's Kicker

I'm from Las Vegas and I don't normally play at gas stations, but one day I forgot my credit card and had to pay cash so I went inside. My sunglasses were broken so I grabbed a cheap pair of $10 glasses too and headed to the register. The guy asked me if I found everything and I paused. The machines were off to the side and I couldn't resist. I said no, one more thing and walked away from the counter. I put in $20 and lost it right away. I knew better, but I put in $20 more. Now I wasn't getting my sunglasses if I lost, but I still had money for the gas. Three hands in, 4 of a kind! I walked out of there a happy man with free gas and sunglasses. I haven't had the nerve to try it again though LOL!

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