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May Contest

Get ready for some high scores because this month we are featuring 100 Play with Quick Quads.

In addition to Visa gift cards to our Grand Prize winner and 4 runners up, we award 3 month GOLD memberships to those who place 6th through 10th. In addition, bonus winners get 3 month GOLD memberships. And don’t forget the top ten qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

The contest starts at noon Pacific time on Friday, May 24 and ends May 31st. Click here for contest information.

Winner's Challenge Now Live

Now Daily Contests are a lot more exciting. Every winning session (more credits won than coin-in) will earn you another daily contest entry! The member who has the most winning Daily Contest sessions during the month wins a $250 Visa gift card. The top ten all receive 3 month GOLD memberships.

Click here to learn more about the Winner’s Challenge and to check the May leader board.

New Game Spotlight: Hyper Bonus Poker

Here’s your chance to play a brand new game not yet available in casinos. With a maximum bet on all three hands, you have the option to bet an additional 5 credits per hand to activate the Hyper Bonus Feature. If a winning hand is dealt, a multiplier of up to 12X is randomly selected for each hand and applied to the payout for the corresponding hand.

If you’re a GOLD member, you can play this game right now by clicking here. If you’re not a GOLD member, you can try it now by signing up for a free 7 day GOLD membership trial.

Gold Members Can Pick Their Own Theme

If you’re a GOLD member, you now have a choice of background themes. You can choose from several unique designs. So far, the most popular background is the “Vegas” theme. To check out a new theme, click here.

If you’re not a GOLD member and would like to try a new theme, you can sign up for a free 7 day trial by clicking here.

Monthly Member Poll

May Poll:
Would you be interested in playing slot games on

Click here to answer this month’s member poll and we’ll publish the results in the June Newsletter.

Hand of the Month

This month we feature “tommiedee“ who hit aces and a kicker within 15 minutes of arriving at the Sands in Bethlehem, PA. Congratulations, tommiedee!

If you have a great winner to show, please send us your picture to and we'll feature our favorite each month!

This Month's Kicker

I stopped at a local casino on the way to pick up my brother's granddaughter for the weekend, just to spend no more than $50. I was down to my last $20 so I slid it into a machine I had just walked up to and hit max bet. To my dismay it took the whole $20 (I thought it was a $5 max). Luckily I got a flush and cashed out $100. I wandered to another multi-game $1 machine and put in $10. I played a few hands, going up to $15, down to $5, then switched games and was dealt two 10's, a Jack of spades and a couple of other cards. I pondered it a minute and said to myself, "I hate tens!" and chose to hold the Jack. Much to my surprise up popped the other 4 cards for a Royal Flush and $4000!

If you have an interesting or funny Video Poker fact or story you'd like to share, please let us know by sending email to

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