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September 2018
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September Kicker
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September Game Spotlight – Face Card Frenzy Poker

This month we are featuring a game just arriving on casino floors - Face Card Frenzy Poker. This has been a GOLD exclusive game but is now available for all members to play.

Face Card Frenzy puts premium value on the cards all players are immediately drawn to - face cards! In this fun game, face cards act as kickers not only in quads but also in big, new full house jackpot categories. This is an exciting game with lots of jackpots over 2,000 credits... including a 6,000-coin Royal Flush bonus!

All members will earn 2X Players Club points for playing and can play Face Card Frenzy Poker right now by clicking here.

Atlantis Contest

Our friends at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa - Reno have a free contest! The contest starts today, September 1st, and continues through September 10th. It features a fun game with lots of upside – Hundred Play Draw Poker.

This is your chance to win a luxurious VIP Getaway to one of Northern Nevada's Top-Rated Resorts (#1 Reno Hotel on TripAdvisor!), as well as great prizes.

Click here to learn more or to enter the contest.

Global Gaming Expo (G2E) – Free Pass Offer is a long-time exhibitor at the Global Gaming Expo. As a member, you can get a free pass to come see the latest and greatest casino gaming products. To get your free exhibit hall pass, click here.

If you register by October 7th, the exhibit hall pass is free.

If you do attend, please come by and say hi to the team. Our booth number is 5249.

Monthly iPad Winner – It Pays to Play!

Congratulations to Barney B., our latest iPad winner. Barney B. qualified with 271 contest sessions in August. We've also awarded GOLD memberships to 10 other random winners.

At the end of every month, we have a random drawing and award a brand new iPad Air to one lucky winner and GOLD memberships to 10 other winners. Each contest session you play during the month is a chance to earn an entry into the drawing, so the more sessions you play, the better your chance of winning!

Since all contests are now playable on mobile devices, Barney B. will be able to play on a brand new iPad!

This Month's Kicker

Went to Vegas with some Air Force buddies for our reunion. 5 couples in all. Us men decided we'd stay late at the casino (late is 11pm for us) and found a row of Game King machines sitting empty and took up all the seats. My buddy in the middle had never played video poker in his life, so as I was giving him some tips he of course hit a royal in spades not 10 minutes in. $4,000! While he was waiting for his pay, no kidding you... BOTH guys on the sides of him hit hand pays as well. One aces with a kicker and the other a royal in diamonds. None of us could believe it. None of us could believe it even more when the guy on the far end hits a sequential royal in hearts. We are all laughing and then suddenly everyone pauses at the same time and looks at me. Your turn! They all say. I deal and it's 4 to the royal. I couldn't believe it, but it felt like fate. I just sat there. Oh just hit it! They all yell. You already know how this story ends. The casino manager couldn't believe it either. Took about 2 hours for us to get paid but we had plenty of drinks and laughs while we passed the time. In the end, we had a GREAT night out with the ladies the next night.


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