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July Contest

It's time for the July contest with a new game that’s never been featured. It’s Ultimate Aces Poker, where aces on the deal earn you a multiplier – up to 10X. Each ace has a multiplier value associated with it and that value is multiplied against any winning credits for the final hand.

In addition to Visa gift cards to our Grand Prize winner and 4 runners up, we award 3 month GOLD memberships to those who place 6th through 10th. In addition, bonus winners get 3 month GOLD memberships. And don’t forget the top ten qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

The contest starts today at noon Pacific and ends July 31st. Click here for contest information.

New Game Spotlight

Crazy Times Pay Poker is an exciting new game that randomly assigns multipliers to potential winning hands after the deal. That gives you the chance to alter your hold strategy depending on which hands received multipliers!

If you're a GOLD member, you can try this game right now before it hits casino floors.

Referral Contest

Only a few days remain in the July member referral contest. Don’t miss your chance to win the $750 first prize or other runner up prizes. Click here to learn more.

Check out this new Web site

Our partner Reward View, has developed an easy and convenient platform that provides direct access to your casino reward points, tier status, available offers, and promotions. Your Reward View account will give you a timely and accurate view of all of your casino player accounts. No need to log into multiple accounts -- view all of your account information in one place. Click here to give it a try.

Monthly Member Poll

July Poll:
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Click here to answer this month’s member poll and we’ll publish the results in the August Newsletter.

This Month's Kicker

My late husband and I were 'regulars' at the old Vegas Stardust Casino. His business took us to Vegas several times a year. On our last 2 visits, we were required to stay at least one night at the Monte Carlo, where his company held their seminars. So we flew in Thurs, stayed the night at the Monte, then on Friday, while my husband was in a meeting, I took a cab to the Stardust (we would spend the rest of the week there). When I arrived at the Stardust on our next-to-last visit there, the check-in line was very long. I looked around for a video poker machine so I could 'kill' a little time - found one near the stairs with a little cubby-hole next to it, perfect for storing our luggage. After getting settled in, I realized it was a dollar machine - at the time I was still a quarter-max player - but the spot was perfect for watching the check-in line and keeping the luggage tucked safely away - so I decided to stay. I decided I would play $1 at a time, and not let my hundred get below eighty! Of course, a few minutes in, I forgot and began hitting the 'max' button... When I realized what I was doing, I was down below $80 but had to finish that hand... I had been dealt the 10, J, and K of hearts... took the longshot and went for the royal... and GOT IT!! I was soooo excited - $1,000!!! And then I realized... I was at a DOLLAR machine... that meant not $1,000, but $4,000!!! So the very next trip, which turned out to be our last before they tore down my favorite casino, I headed straight for that dollar machine, stashed away my luggage as I had on the last trip while waiting to check in, and put $100 in... knowing I'd have no chance of such luck again... but, much to my surprise, just a few minutes after sitting down (and very bravely playing the max!!), I hit 4 deuces for $1,000!!! I wish I knew where that machine went when they closed the Stardust!!

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