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July Game Spotlight – Ultimate Aces Poker

This month we are featuring Ultimate Aces Poker, where you'll earn 2X Players Club points for playing. If you haven't played this game before and you love aces, you should really enjoy Ultimate Aces Poker, where aces on the deal earn you a multiplier - up to 10X! Each ace has an associated multiplier value -- and that value is multiplied by any winning credits for the final win amount. You can Ultimate Aces Poker right now by clicking here.

GOLD Feature Highlight – Customize your game

Now GOLD members have more choices of game variations than ever before (i.e. Triple Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, etc.). In addition, if you’re GOLD, you can select your favorite pay tables for most games on the site. Plus, we'll remember how you've configured your game the next time you play! To build your customized game, simply click the Enable link under the GAME PLAY SETTINGS.

Atlantis Contest

Our friends at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa - Reno have a free contest! The contest starts on July 1st and continues through July 10th and features one of our newer games, Super Hand Poker.

This is your chance to win a luxurious VIP Getaway to one of Northern Nevada's Top Rated Resorts (#1 Reno Hotel on TripAdvisor!), as well as great prizes.

Click here to learn more or to enter the contest right now.

June iPad Winner – It Pays to Play!

Congratulations to marge117, our latest iPad winner. Marge117 qualified with 243 contest sessions in May which earned roughly a 1 in 2,038 chance of winning the random drawing. We've also awarded GOLD memberships to 10 other random winners.

At the end of every month, we will have a random drawing and award a brand new iPad Air to one lucky winner and GOLD memberships to 10 other winners. Each contest session you play during the month is a chance to earn an entry into the drawing, so the more sessions you play, the better your chance of winning!

Since all contests are now playable on mobile devices, marge117 will be able to play on a brand new iPad!

This Month's Kicker

About a week prior to Hurricane Katrina, I was taking advantage of some comps for a free hotel room at a casino on the Gulf Coast. Determined to stick to my budget, but at the end of my bankroll, I was more than a little frustrated at the number of standard deviations this bank of video poker machines was revealing to me. I’d been using the same three Jacks or Better quarter machines for at least 8 hours each of my three days I was there. I knew I couldn’t really expect a Royal – even at 1,000 hands an hour, I just wasn’t playing enough to expect one to cycle through. Well, as luck would have it – my cash was all out. Gone. So, I went back to my car and saw three crumpled dollars in my ashtray (where I had my credit card stashed to keep me from trying for an easy cash advance). So, I went back in with my 3 dollars and fed them into the machine. I was already down 1,200 dollars, 3 more weren’t going to kill me. With 12 credits, I played max coins for two bets and got nothing. With 2 credits left, I played them both, and got two pair. With 4 credits, I played 2 credits again – got two pair. With 6 credits, I played max coins and got the progressive for $1,200 and change. I didn’t leave a winner – but I broke even, by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.


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