January 2024
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Tournament of Champions
Members Rule in 2024
Monthly iPad Winner
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January Game Spotlight - Stack 'Em High Poker

This month, we are featuring Stack 'Em High Poker. When holding 2 or 3 aces, you are awarded several additional hands with the same cards. Any drawn Ace is “sticky” and will duplicate and improve ALL your remaining hands. 3 aces become 4 and then you’re just hoping for the kicker. Take your play to new heights in this exciting new game.

Earn 2X Players Club points for playing and you can play Stack 'Em High Poker right now by clicking here.

Tournament of Champions Starts Soon

The 2023 Tournament of Champions is fast approaching. Round One will begin on Monday, January 8th. 1,236 people qualified during 2023 and will be competing for a Las Vegas Dream Vacation valued at over $5,000!

Click here to see who qualified and for information on how to qualify for next year’s tournament.

Members Rule in 2024

Our most popular contest ever continues - dedicated to you, the wonderful members of First, members compete for the chance to host the weekly Members Rule Contest. Each week there is a competition to see who will host the following week's contest. Spin a reel that gives you a chance to play some quick video poker sessions in the Host Competition. The top score of the week is next week’s host - deciding the game and prize pool for the Members Rule Contest everyone will play next.

Click here to spin the reel now!

Monthly iPad Winner – It Pays to Play!

Congratulations to Keyman38, our latest iPad winner. Keyman38 qualified with 366 contest sessions in December! We've also awarded GOLD memberships to 10 other random winners.

At the end of every month, we have a random drawing and award a brand new iPad to one lucky winner and GOLD memberships to 10 other winners. Each contest session you play during the month is a chance to earn an entry into the drawing, so the more sessions you play, the better your chance of winning!

Since all contests are playable on mobile devices, Keyman38 will be able to play on a brand new iPad!

This Month's Kicker

I recently returned from the The Mirage in Las Vegas. It has now been taken over by the Hardrock. I was there for 4 nights. All 4 days I was playing triple ultimate x poker switching back and forth from double double bonus or deuces wild on 25 cents or 50 cents. The machines were cold. It was like work to get a hit. The last night around midnight I was ready to retire to bed but I decided to go in the high roller room and play triple double double bonus ultimate x with 1.00 denomination…a 30.00 pull. The machine was hitting and I kept playing. I was dealt 4 cards to the royal and pulled the 5th card on a 4x multiplier $16,080.00. After I was paid out, I had a couple of hundred left in the machine so I changed the game to deuces wild and again dealt 4 cards to the royal no deuces and pulled the 5th card with no multiplier but it was $4000. I finally went to bed at 2am $20,000 more in my pocket.

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