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December Game Spotlight – Super Draw 6 Card Poker

This month, we are featuring Super Draw 6 Card Poker - a fairly new game that has been very popular in casinos since its launch about a year ago.

Super Draw 6 Card Poker is an exciting version of Triple Play Poker where you see the first five cards, make your hold selections, and draw into your hand. During the draw, the replacement cards are dealt along with an additional 6th card – which gives you more opportunities for a winning hand.

Members earn 2X Players Club points for playing and you can play Super Draw 6 Card Poker right now by clicking here.

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Since all contests are now playable on mobile devices, DrDav will be able to play on a brand new iPad!

This Month's Kicker

I’m an old timer that’s been going to Vegas at least 2 times a year for the past 50 years. As you might expect, I have a few stories to tell, but honestly, not many can top this one. This past October I was vacationing with my family at Sunset Station, a locals’ casino in Henderson. I was having terrible luck playing Super Triple Play video poker. This is the game that for an extra coin per line the payout is 3 to 4 times the normal pay for hitting a four-of-a-kind jackpot. I was just getting ready to bail on video poker and head for the Keno section, when an elderly lady sat down next to me and asked how I was doing. I told her I have been playing for quite a while and still haven’t hit a quad. She just smiled and proceeded to play her machine. It wasn’t long, maybe 5 minutes before she hit a quad jackpot. I looked over and she returned a smile while taking a cookie out of her zip-lock bag. With a big grin, she just sat there eating her cookie while watching the credit meter spin. I went back to my game and in no time her machine started singing jackpot again. Like before, she started to eat another cookie while the meter was spinning. Interesting, she did not start to play again until she finished the cookie. Not long after that, she hit her third jackpot. Again, out came the cookie. I couldn’t hold back any longer and asked, “are you always that lucky?” She said, “Yes, I have a system.” Naturally, I then asked, “Would you mind telling me how you system works?” She didn’t answer - just grinned and started playing again. Soon after, she hit another quad. By then, this little lady was getting into my head and I was becoming more and more curious. I just had to ask the big question “do the cookies have anything to do with your system?” With a much broader smile she replied, “They are homemade, I made them myself.” And in no time, another quad hit and out came another cookie, then another and I was still batting zero. To be honest, I just couldn’t take it any longer. I had a sunken feeling and had seen enough of her quads and cookies and decided to move on and try some Keno. My luck wasn’t any better at Keno, but my head was still spinning thinking about the lady and her cookies. In all my years of playing VP, I have never seen anyone hit so many Triple Play quads in such a short period of time. By my count, she hit at least 9 and possibly more, hefty payouts within a half hour. Was it luck, was it letting the credit meter spin-up, or did she really have a secret system - I guess I will never know! But on my next trip to Vegas, It’s a sure bet that I will be on the lookout for an elderly lady with a bag of homemade cookies.


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