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November 2016
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November Kicker
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November Game Spotlight – Ultimate X Poker Bonus Streak

This month, we are featuring another brand new game: Ultimate X Poker Bonus Streak.
If you are a GOLD member, this is your chance to play this new game, weeks before it hits casino floors!

Ultimate X Bonus Streak takes the wildly popular Ultimate X to the next level by providing "streaks" of up to 5 multipliers in a row on winning hands, instead of just one multiplier per hand in the original game. This makes for a really exciting ride!

GOLD members earn 2X Players Club points for playing and can play Ultimate X Bonus Streak Poker right now by clicking here.

Basic members can earn 2X points this month by playing Color Match Royals Poker, which just came off the GOLD member only list, Click here to play Color Match Royals now.

Atlantis Contest

Our friends at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa - Reno have a free contest! The contest starts on November 1st and continues through November 10th and features one of our newer games, Super Draw 6 Card Poker.

This is your chance to win a luxurious VIP Getaway to one of Northern Nevada's Top Rated Resorts (#1 Reno Hotel on TripAdvisor!), as well as great prizes.

Click here to learn more or to enter the contest right now.

Monthly iPad Winner – It Pays to Play!

Congratulations to Jam pad, our latest iPad winner. Jam pad qualified with 195 contest sessions in October. We've also awarded GOLD memberships to 10 other random winners.

At the end of every month, we have a random drawing and award a brand new iPad Air to one lucky winner and GOLD memberships to 10 other winners. Each contest session you play during the month is a chance to earn an entry into the drawing, so the more sessions you play, the better your chance of winning!

Since all contests are now playable on mobile devices, Jam pad will be able to play on a brand new iPad!

This Month's Kicker

I went to visit my parents, who live in Henderson, NV, in July. It wasn't really a gambling trip, but I told my Mom that I wanted to sneak over to The M and play for a little bit at some point. I picked Tuesday as my day. There's a small room in the back of the casino that has a bar (that's never open), with 4 machines. I love playing there because it's so quiet. I normally play the second machine to the left, but when I got there, someone was on it, so I went to the last machine on the right. I played for quite a while on my first $20, hitting a couple of 4's of a kind, but nothing with a kicker. The person on "my" machine left, so I moved over to the third one, hit nothing, and finally scooted over to my machine. Still didn't have any luck. I moved to the first machine, telling it that I was almost out of money but still felt like something good was coming my way. I was down to my last $35 when WHAM - it dealt me a Royal. It happened so fast it took me a couple of seconds to figure out what was going on. After the shaking subsided and I had my payout in hand, I played a few more minutes, cashed out and went home a happy girl!


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