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August 2014
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7 Star Tourney
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August Game Spotlight - Wheel Poker

This month, we are featuring Wheel Poker, where you'll earn 2X Players Club points for playing. Get a four-of-a-kind on the deal or the draw and spin the wheel for up to 2,000 additional credits!

Wheel Poker is today's Daily Contest game and you can play it right now by clicking here.

7 Star Tourney Coming in September

Starting September 1st, you'll have a chance to qualify for an exclusive 5 day contest with multiple rounds and $500 in prizes. This tourney will be in addition to our Daily and Weekly Contests and will occur each month, featuring a different game.

More details are to come, but all members will have a chance to earn 7 stars during the first three weeks of each month. Stars will be earned based on your amount of play, the number of achievements you have earned, and how many days you play during the month. Only members that have earned 7 stars in a month will qualify for the tourney.

This should be a fun new tournament that rewards members for earning achievements and for their frequency of play.

Mobile Contest Coming This Month

As you may know, we are re-formatting all of the games so you will be able to play them on your tablet or smart phone. So far, we've introduced 3/5/10 Play Draw Poker and Wheel Poker. In order to get more people to test the new format on their devices, we'll soon be announcing a mobile contest. Check the home page frequently for that announcement. In the meantime, you can play the games above right now by clicking here.

This Month's Kicker

Got 3 royals in one night at a bar. No joke! After I got my 2nd in an hour, the guy next to me complained that his machine was dead. I said wanna trade? He said sure. I said if I hit anything, I'm not sharing! He grumbled and said that machine couldn't hit anything with a truck. We both played and had a few more drinks and while I was waiting for my bill there it was -- the third royal. I paid the guy's tab bar but he wasn't too happy. He called me several choice names and ran out of the bar.

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